Digital Signage

Assistia's Digital Signage Studio

Advertise yourself for bridging gaps with your consumers in a unique way

Interactive Digital Signs

To engage customers is one of the key factor for success in digital signage system. Interactive signs act as customers’ touchpoint and allow them to take desired action. Visuals are processed faster by brain in contrast to the text.

Dynamic Content Integrations

Relevant and engaging content is delivered timely and in engaging and easily duplicable fashion. It allows the operators to dynamically update without user involvement. It provides increased flexibility for regular and refreshing content updates.

Easy to Use Software

Digital Signage software is used which creates, edits and publishes the content that the audience has to see, interact and take action. Audience has to be kept informed and engaged by the display of content.

Our Awards

  • CSS AWARDS 201805
  • WEB AWARDS 201827
  • AWWWARDS 201812
  • THEFWA 201838